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The milling table with the best price/quality ratio

  • General SideRouter image

    Universal milling machine

    The conception and the design of the SideRouter demonstrate our constant efforts to create machines without any compromises. A broad area of application for drilling, milling and engraving a wide diversity of materials is the basis. A large format, a solid construction, excellent performance and the systematic use of branded and high quality components are typical properties of this extremely versatile machine.

  • Dimensions worktop

    Dimensions worktop

    A plate measuring 3,000 mm by 1,500 mm can accordingly be milled on the machine with ease. In principle an even larger plate can be worked but can no longer be fully processed.

  • Height under bridge

    Height under bridge

    A milling cutter with a length of 50 mm can hence fully cut through a plate with a thickness of 50 mm.

  • Outside dimensions

    Outside dimensions

    For fencing there is also the control cabinet with a width of 600 mm. On the front (the longest side) there is a scanner that scans a zone 1m wide for the safety of the operator.

  • Fast X-axis

    Fast X-axis

    The X-axis drive consists of a finely ground toothed bar in which a hardened cog engages. The amply sized reduction gearbox has practically zero play.

  • High performance Y-axis

    High performance Y-axis

    The Y-axis is moved by a servo motor that is connected to a ballscrew at high speed so the fast movement of the Y-axis can be achieved.

  • Precision Z-axis

    Nauwkeurige Z-as

    The speed of the ballscrew used here is low to enable very accurate depth setting to have full control of the depth of milling.

  • Robust chassis

    Robust chassis

    The chassis is made of thick-walled steel sections. The triangular forms give the machine an extremely stable and rigid structure.

  • Extremely strong bridge

    Extremely strong bridge

    The overhanging bridge construction is made of thick-walled large steel sections with reinforcing ribs. The high transverse section ensures a large load bearing capacity without sag.

  • Amply supported worktop

    Amply supported worktop

    A large number of sections support the worktop. These sections are at short distances from each other.

  • Automatic milling length setting

    Automatic milling length setting

    The SideRouter is fitted with a measuring system as standard. Before milling starts, the control system will have the machine automatically measure the length of milling by briefly making contact with the sensor surface of the measuring instrument. The value (length) is read by the control unit and milling can flawlessly start.

  • Simple control software

    Simple control software

    The operating system is Windows-based user-friendly software controlled by a mouse. The number of settings required is truly minimal and set with just a few clicks.

  • Convenient operation

    Convenient operation

    All elementary functions are immediately accessible using impulse push-buttons.

  • Powerful vacuum

    Powerful vacuum

    The oil-lubricated pump has high delivery of 160 m3/h at deep vacuum that practically approaches absolute vacuum. The vacuum pump is fitted in the chassis and is positioned under the worktop in the last frame compartment.

  • Adjustable vacuum

    Adjustable vacuum

    The four suction points can be separately switched on the control cabinet. This accelerates setting the vacuum when processing diverse formats.

  • Compact installation

    Compact installation

    The control cabinet is bolted to the chassis. All cables and pipework are neatly embedded in the frame. This means no more cables have to be connected on installation. The safety guard is anchored to the ground. The guard is limited to eight panels. This makes assembly extremely fast.

  • Safe emergency stop

    Safe emergency stop

    On the control cabinet there is an emergency stop button that when pressed immediately stops all movements and the milling motor.

  • Safety scanner

    Safety scanner

    The front of the machine is monitored by a scanner. It monitors a rectangular safety zone in front of the machine.

  • Optional tool changer

    Tool changer

    The milling motor itself takes the next milling cutter. Then an order can always be completed without the involvement of the operator. The one process is carried out after the other, the machine does not stop and mills the whole workpiece using one CNC program.

  • Optional cooling

    Milling cutter cooling

    Aluminium cannot be processed without the milling cutter being cooled and lubricated. A combination of compressed air and cooling oil ensures a lubricating and cooling mist over the milling cutter and the workpiece. The coolant quantity is metered in such a way that after milling there is practically no more oil on the machine worktop.

  • Optional dust extraction

    Dust extraction with cyclone

    Effective dust extraction is indispensable for keeping the machine and your workspace clean. It saves you a great deal of time when cleaning the machine and workpieces. Dust extraction for the Siderouter is the cyclone type, a combination of a large suction flow rate and high suction power.

  • SideRouter specifications


    Summary of the characteristics all models.

  • SideRouter brochure

    Product brochure

    Commercial SideRouter brochure.