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Special machines

CNC machines custom-made for all applications

  • What VDS can do for you

    You can also call upon VDS for special machine building for CNC applications. The project is fully discussed beforehand with the customer so it is clear what both parties expect. We always draw up quotations and sketches of the machine beforehand free of obligation to serve as the concrete basis for what we are offering.

    Each request is gratefully accepted, but in principle we limit ourselves to machining processes: drilling, milling and sawing, although by way of exception we can also look at other processes to the extent the customer is himself familiar with the production process.
    Some possibilities:

    • Portal milling machines
    • Specific drill tables
    • Exterior dimensions processing centres
    • Controlled strokes
    • Controlled assembly units
  • Frame for milling insulation panels

    Frame for milling insulation panels

    This machine was built for milling insulation panels with large dimensions. The reach extends to 6m lengthwise and 2 m widthwise. The frame is a strongly welded construction with the paths for the X drive machined on a large processing centre. The drive itself consists of complete belt modules that amply suffice as regards accuracy and rigidity because the requested tolerances are somewhat limited here.

  • Bridge


    The bridge forming the Y-axis.

  • Head


    The head with milling motor.

  • Portal milling machineM4530H

    Portal milling machineM4530H

    Portal milling machine with impressive dimensions: X = 4500 mm, Y = 3000 mm, Z = 1250 mm and the option of assembling one large milling cutter or 3 smaller parallel motors. The construction is conceived as a suspended portal. This machine was manufactured in parts and assembled on-site because the system could obviously not be transported in one piece. Applications are milling polystyrene blocks in full three dimensions.

  • Bridge M4530H

    Bridge M4530H

    The bridge in suspended construction.

  • Z-axis M4530H

    Z-axis M4530H

    The Z-axis with the 3 simultaneously working milling motors.

  • Operation


    Console with all operating buttons.

  • Portal milling machine 9000 x 3000

    Portal milling machine 9000 x 3000

    Portal milling machine with even more impressive dimensions: X = 9000 mm, Y = 3000 mm, Z = 1750 mm and the option of assembling one large milling cutter or a beam for the X direction with 2 large separately controllable motors. The idea behind the beam is the simultaneous manufacture of equivalent parts that lay next to each other. One milling motor is then used for very long parts. The large Z range offers the possibility of processing very tall parts. The application is again milling polystyrene blocks in full three dimensions.

  • The installers


    The proud team that brought the project to a successful conclusion.

  • Beam 9000 x 3000

    Beam 9000 x 3000

    The beam with the two milling motors.

  • Bridge 9000 x 3000

    Bridge 9000 x 3000

    The strong bridge construction.

  • Drive 9000 x 3000

    Drive 9000 x 3000

    Details of the drive.

  • 5-axis extension

    5-axis extension

    Here a machine was extended with 2 extra axes so a 5-axis system was created. So besides an adaptation of the mechanics, this also meant a new control system. The generation of the cutter paths was obviously also more complex and entrusted to the SprutCAM package. The result was a machine with extra dimensions and very many more possibilities.

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