Custom-made milling table

Milling, engraving or drilling in wood, aluminium and synthetics, that is what the R-series has to offer. Large and small plates, one-off or in series, can be formed into all possible shapes with this machine. The milling tables are easy to operate thanks to the Windows interface.

milling logo cnc wood

discover the many


milling of:

  • wood
  • aluminium
  • plastic
  • composite
screen cnc controller



The SideRouter has a Windows interface in which everything can be set up with a mouse click. The toolpaths are displayed graphically so that the operator gets an overview of the program.

cnc milling machine siderouter basic components


basic components

  1. Controls
  2. Built-in electric control cabinet
  3. Chassis and vacuum table
  4. Vacuum pump
  5. Shielding and light curtains
automatic toolchanger

supplemented with

options of your choice

Automatic toolchanger:

  • Space for 5 tools.
  • Maximum tool diameter: 50 mm.
  • Maximum tool length: 50 mm.
Minimum lubrication milling table

Minimum lubrication:

  • Storage vessel mounted on bridge
  • Adjustable air pressure
  • Adjustable amount of oil
  • Double spray head
SprutCAM milling screenshot

powered by


“The best kept secret in CNC programming”

SprutCAM is a powerful CAM program in which you can program any CNC machine from a single environment. It is easy to operate and at the same time a very efficient solution for creating complex and collision-free 3D movements.

a brief recap

at a glance

Simple to use

Configured with the click of a mouse and clearly graphically displayed.

Wide range of application

Drilling, milling and engraving in a wide variety of materials.


The R-series guarantees a stable, robust machine that will ensure long-term results.

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