CNC Solutions designs and manufactures standard milling machines and machines tailored to the customer’s requirements. This ranges from 3-axis milling machines to 5-axis robot milling machines with external axes. Thanks to many years of experience in milling, we also have an extensive knowledge of software, tools, setup, etc. so we can always provide a total solution.

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Nearly all raw materials can be milled:

  • wood
  • metal
  • high pressure laminate
  • synthetics
  • composite materials

And any shape:

  • block
  • plate
  • bar
  • preformed material

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Production of 3D shapes

This milling machine makes it possible to mill very large objects. Because the robot stands on a synchronous linear axis and a synchronous rotary table has been added to the setup, the possibilities are almost endless.

The robot CNC machine used: U200.

Production of orthopaedic workpieces

This CNC robot has three work tables to allow finishing different types of workpieces in a very flexible manner: from flat plate workpieces to large 3D objects.

The robot CNC machine used: U200.

Milling mechanical insulation components

This setup is designed for the very flexible milling of complex workpieces. The zero point sensor, tool changer and the six tables make it possible to mix different workpieces with high accuracy.

The robot CNC machine used: U200.