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The S-series is specially designed for automatic sanding and milling movements.

Automating the sanding or milling process provides you with several advantages:

  • Correct finish
  • Constant quality
  • Lower tool wear
S-series application

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making complicated matters


The machine can perform complex processes very accurately, but at the same time it is easy to operate. The possibilities are endless, thanks to different tools that can be changed both manually and automatically.

robot cabin milling sanding



  1. Robot
  2. INGEBOUWDE Electric control cabinet
  3. XXX
  4. Controls
  5. Milling or sanding motor
robot handheld cabin milling sanding

supplemented with

options of your choice


  • Adjustment of the feed speed
    of the CNC program.
  • Adjustment of the milling motor rpm.
  • Manual operation of the robot.

automatic tool changing

Milling motor with automatic tool changing

  • 7.5 kW motor at 12,000 rpm, maximum engine speed: 24,000 rpm.
  • HSK63F- or ISO 30-interface.
cnc robot cabin with table

Worktable with vacuum grid or T slot

  • Working height: ±900 mm.
  • Diameter worktable: 500 mm.
  • Size fixed table: 1,000 mm x 500 mm.
sprutcam software screenshot

driven by ????


"The best kept secret in CNC programming"

SprutCAM Robot is a powerful CAM program that allows any industrial robot to be programmed from a single workstation. It is simple to operate and at the same time an extremely efficient solution to the creation of complex and collision-free 3D movements for 6 or more axes.

a brief recap

at a glance

Easy to control

The machine is easy to operate and works in the same way as a 5-axis machine: zeros points, coordinate systems, tool length, speed, etc.


The robot can reach your workpiece from any angle. Thanks to the many options, your machine is multi-purpose.

Large range

Due to the combination of the robot and the rotary table, the machine has a large range.

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